Incubator 107, Fusion workshops mix | Confirmed project

August 9, 2015

incubator107 is the place where anyone can learn and teach anybody anything. The main values of incubator107 are: non formal education, community and passion. As a project of Macaz Association, incubator107 encourages people from the local community to discover their passions and to follow their calling. Passionate people from the community take courage and decide

Ayurvedic massage | Confirmed project

July 17, 2015

A professional ayurvedic masseur demonstrate and teach traditional Kerala type ayurvedic head & face massage. The founder of a new Hungarian ayurvedic book publisher teaches the basics of ayurvedic diet and its adoptation possibilities to Western lifestyle. Ayurvedic massage is designed to detoxify and cleanse the body by boosting the effectiveness of the human immune

Raja Fire Juggling | Confirmed project

July 16, 2015

Welcome on board! During the last years, Raja Fire Juggling Group has been part of various events like Transylvania Calling, Sun Festival, Rebirth Festival, Street Delivery, Waha, Bloom Festival, Birthadelic, One Love Festival. Prepare for a Fire Juggling Show with Pois, Ropes, Wires, Sparks, Devilstick, Staff, Fans, Juggling Torches. Day-time Juggling Clubs, Pois, Flowersticks, Balls, Kendama, Astrojax, Staff, Glow-poi.

Voodoo Flame | Confirmed project

July 9, 2015

Voodoo Flame is a highly skilled, passionate hula hoop dancer, currently residing in Latvia. She discovered the hula hoop art at 2010. After a year of an intense training she started to travel all over the world, performing in more than 10 countries, teaching and sharing, doing hula hoop performances on the street, different festivals, clubs

CreativeMeditation with fractals | Confirmed project

July 8, 2015

This workshop is made as a transpersonal journey to your inner self through creative meditation with fractals as support. Starting from a fractal picture (the most pleasant or unpleasant one) focusing on the detail that catches the eye, you open the door to your deep consciousness where all you resources are. From here, you are

Scarisoara Cave, the glacier from within

July 8, 2015

Have you ever imagined spending the summer in a place that’s got it all? Beautiful sea, amazing blue lagoons, challenging peaks, fairy woods, mystic hills, snow under the hot summer sun and so many hidden wonders you can’t even count? Well, Romania is such a place. There is no place in Romania that doesn’t hold

Free Ticket To Wonderland

July 6, 2015
TC2015 Videocontest 1 NewCopy (848x320)

UPDATE: EXTENDED DEADLINE 30 JULY  h 23.59 Transylvania Calling Video Contest Here is your chance to win a free ticket! To all our secret lovers, we are offering free entrance to wonderland for the winner of our video contest.  It’s so easy, the winner might be you! We want to give something back to our

Flames Of Magic | Confirmed project

July 2, 2015

Empowering the goddess in a woman, Flames of Magic by Hila PurpleMagic. Welcome on board! We are bringing in front of you a magic fire show, captivating the beauty of visual art performances. An artist that will perform with candles, hula-hoop, fans and umbrella. She believes in the beauty of fire and she loves to interact with people. We

Zen Mamma | Confirmed project

June 28, 2015

Tribal Fusion Bellydance Bianca aka Zen Mamma is an emerging artist coming from Romania. She performed on many stages for events like music festivals, fusion dance festivals and poetry festivals. She was a finalist in ”Romania’s Got Talent” show where she mesmerized her audience and the entire country watching her on television. Bianca will initiate us into an exotic art, full

Rosia Montana, the story of gold

June 8, 2015
FOTOGRAFIA INSOTESTE MATERIALUL MEDIAFAX: "Gabriel Resources vrea sa finanteze proiectul Rosia Montana cu emisiuni de actiuni de 89 mil. dolari."

Un grup de jurnalisti discuta langa cariera Carnic, in Rosia Montana, miercuri, 27 mai 2009. Compania miniera Gabriel Resources vrea sa obtina 100 milioane dolari canadieni (88,81 milioane dolari) printr-o emisiune de actiuni comune si un plasament privat, catre anumiti actionari, fondurile urmand sa fie folosite pentru finantarea proiectului de exploatare a aurului la Rosia Montana. BOGDAN MARAN / MEDIAFAX FOTO

Rosia Montana, the oldest documented mining settlement in Europe, is of rare importance to Europe as it meets four criteria of highly significant importance for our World Heritage; it also sits on top of the continent’s largest gold deposit. For more than a decade, the Canadian mining company Gabriel Resources Ltd., through its Romanian branch


May 25, 2015

Sarmizegetusa is surrounded by mystery. You can find there temples, sanctuaries, monuments with specific astronomic meaning and surprisingly exact callendars. The complex callendar found here demonstrated that just as the Egyptians, the Dacians were capable of extremely meticulous astronomic calculations. The Dacians were able to do calculations to determine the solistices and equinoxes, meridians, the

Piatra Craiului- the white pearl of the Carpathians

May 18, 2015

The Piatra Craiului Mountains are a mountain range in the Southern Carpathians in Romania. In Romanian “Piatra Craiului” means “Prince’s Stone”. The Piatra Craiului mountains form a narrow and saw-like ridge, which is about 25 km (16 mi) long. The highest elevation in the massif is the “Vârful La Om” at 2,238 metres (7,343 ft).

El Geko | Project we like

May 16, 2015

Gerhard Kohlmaier aka El Geko, born in Graz, Austria 1964, visual art since 1986 / VJ sets since 1986, computer live acts since 1989, 1st VJ working with pitchable animloops. Beside art El Geko worked under the name „digital canvas“ from 1988 till 1994 in post-production for commercials and music clips like VW, Henkel, Mercedes,

Salina Turda- alien looking undeground health mine

May 11, 2015

Located more than 100 metres underground in an old salt mine in Romania is an amusement park that looks like something out of space. Salina Turda sits in the Romanian region of Transylvania and is one of the world’s oldest salt mines, dating back to the Middle Ages. Turda Salt Mine, aside from its gigantic

Nedeia – music, workshops, fair

May 8, 2015

A beautiful cultural event will take place this summer, in Tecsesti, Alba Iulia, in the Living Museum Commnity, Groove On, called Nedeia. In old romanian dialect, “Nedeie” – is a place on the top of the hills where on special celebration days people would gather and make trading fairs. The event will take place between

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