Naked Tourist | Project we like

March 4, 2015

Naked Tourist is a collaborative project of Z-Neo and Iguana. Since Martin is working in a weekly job and next to producing a new-school psychedelic break beat album, Iguana has to travel by himself to some parties and festivals. Since 2006 he has been playing in over 20 different countries from small parties to big

Avalon | Project we like

March 4, 2015

Leon ‘Avalon’ is from London England, He started Djing in 2003 and began music production in 2006. His first album release was “Reality Check” as part of the Reality Grid duo with EVP in 2007 on Wildthings records. After this Leon decided to go solo and focus on his solo project Avalon, it was during

Pulsar | Project we like

March 3, 2015
Pulsar ( France )

Pulsar is the solo project of DJ Yahel Chabs, a 34 years old artist from south France. Making his own beats since 2012, Pulsar will perform his first live-act in April 2015 with Class A & Ghost Rider from Israel. Architect of psychedelic trance as a DJ since 1999, Pulsar will be in total harmony

KeZo | Project we like

March 3, 2015

KeZo was born in 1987 in Budapest. He has stood on the otherside, behind the mixer since 2006. Learnt to play by autodidact, for the joy of the people and the love of the music. ,,Nowadays for a long while I prefer to the melodic, emotional tracks, from the Chill-Out to Progressive Psy-Trance. It depends

Makelel | Project we like

March 3, 2015

Francescol Grillo aka Makelel, was born on 26/04/1988. As a child he had a passion for music, playing piano, beginning then at a later time to play guitar and percussion. At age of 13 He discovered how to create music from the PC, at first he started with techno, then he met the psy that

Mărțișor – the announcer of the Spring

March 1, 2015

Mărțișor – The announcer of the Spring is an old tradition celebrated all over Romania every year, on 1st of March. The name Mărțișor is a diminutive of March (Martie in Romanian). It is believed that the person who wears the red and white string would enjoy a prosperous and healthy year. Not long ago,

RUDBOY | Project we like

February 27, 2015

Heavy techno and melancholy trance , Dj Rudboy active member of Suce mon Beat influenced by 90s raves rampant on the dancefloors of the south of France, always in search of rare gems, this lover of trance and techno will make you vibrate. For 10 years he distills his late sets and worked in many

Space Sneakers | Project we like

February 27, 2015
Space Sneakers

Space Sneakers is a solo project by Sergey Dergizov. The first experiments in the creation of psy trance music began in 2006. A great influence on the formation of his work had a passion for hardcore music, as well as Electric Universe project. In 2014 he (Space Sneakers) released his first EP “Virtual Acceleration” on

LIFE EXTENSION | Project we like

February 27, 2015

This very special French Psy project has been releasing hits since 2003 and their new sounds are finally here to amaze and entertain our ears and feet. The project Life Extension was born in Paris in 2002 from the meeting of two Djs well known in the Parisian scene ‘Dj Stenman’ and ‘Dj Olive’. With

The living museum – back to origins

February 26, 2015

Last year, our only underground radio from Romania, Radio Groove On, started probably one of the most amazing cultural and ethnographic projects of all time : The living museum from Tecsesti, in the Apuseni Mountains. Radio Groove On launched in 2014 an independent project for the collection and preservation of the Romanian folklore by creating

Calliandra | Project we like

February 26, 2015

Amanda Alves, Aka Dj Calliandra, started her journey as a DJ in 2014, the style and the kind of music she picks for her sets, depends on the ambient and the energy around. The music varies a lot talking of clime and energy and she likes to experimente a lot of different styles, with the

Turays | Project we like

February 25, 2015

Turays aka Dominic Richter, born in 1982 in Hamburg. Started with Techno as his first contact with electronic music back in 2007. Always working into advancing his DJ skills to provide a driving yet dancefull set for the party goer. Performer in the best clubs in his home town of Hamburg slowly but steady building

DJ HP | Project we like

February 25, 2015

Passionate about music since forever, Dj HP mixes now for over 15 years. 
He discovered techno in the 90s and evolves in various styles, from breakbeat, electro through psy trance, minimal or trance progressive. In 2009, he joined the family of pirates “WORLD PEOPLE”. This meet marks a turning point in its influences: he definitely

Dr Space | Project we like

February 25, 2015

Miska a.k.a. Dr Space from Budapest learned and played traditional South-African music for years, and played in a psychedelic/space rock band, Man 0’Mantra on electronic drums, FX instruments, and also on traditional percussions. As he was built up a huge collection of his taste of music from his young age, from underground electronica to psychedelic

Logical Elements | Project we like

February 25, 2015
Logical Elements

Ioan Macovei aka Logical Elements is the man behind Logical Elements project. An atmospheric-space-forest-ethno-light ambient project started in 2003-2004, after he went through all kinds of electronic music genres from age of 15. With a deep passion for fusing a multitude of styles, rhythms, and a studio-as-instrument approach to his production. After first album plus

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